Tuesday, February 12, 2008


When David Byrne was writing his blog on typepad, he made a very interesting connection between the (then) new iPod ads and the drawing series "Men in the Cities" by Robert Longo. It looks pretty convincingly like a rip-off, though I'm not certain that Macintosh would admit it.

During the past few months, an ad for Richard James has been running in a handful of fashion magazines. In this instance, it seems that the art director is paying homage to Robert Longo. Most fashion advertising is manipulative and irritating, while the rest seems slapdash and unrelated to anything at all, so to find a connection with contemporary art culture is pretty refreshing.

In a related note, David Byrne's online journal has been added in the links to the left and here.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dare I say, "Sweet Type"?

From the massive swirl of excitement and press and wonderful insanity surrounding Stefan Sagmeister's book, Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far, come these images. They are by Marian Bantjes, whose work is ABSOLUTELY beautiful.

Typography can be anything. We see that daily. A Jews for Jesus chapter in my neighborhood has recently executed a phrase from Psalms, in script, using blood-red ribbon and a staple gun. And it's pretty good.

Sagmeister has often been a proponent of executing type in unconventional ways. From toilet paper and tree trimming to carving his own skin, he has shifted the perception of typography countless times with enthralling results. His book will be a beautiful experience, and hopefully many young designers will be inspired by his words.

Most importantly,
Everybody who is honest is interesting.