Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Education is a serious business. But whoever said it can't be fun?

Several years ago, we made a leap. The internet overcame, in a sense, all geographical restriction. Connections are interest-based now. Many friendships are because of commonalities in worldview rather than physical proximity. Is it better or worse? Time will tell. Humans change. For now, we have the vivid reality that occurs all over the internet and we must take advantage of it.

(I do a little online mentoring but,) It was while I was teaching a class in real-time and real-life the other day that something dramatically simple dawned on me: This exchange of ideas is "at will." Yes, there are grades, attendance and tuition. But in a bigger sense, everyone in the room is there because they want to be -- because they WANT the exchange.

Then I thought: I can simplify things by removing the tuition, the attendance, and the grades. Hell! I can even tear the walls down.

So, here will exist a place for young graphic designers, art directors, typographers and writers, ideapeople, and those who want to burn up the track. The ultimate goal is to create a place on the web where mentors and mentees can find one another, branch out, reconvene, post project devlopments and further the importance of considered thought. Links and images will be updated often. And topics of relevance will be brought to the table for discussion. Those who want in, get involved.

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