Friday, June 13, 2008

Light My Fire (Al Green Version)

Recently, on a trip through Connecticut, which began with a wedding, but ended with excessive antiquing, a "tag-sale" (new england lingo for a yard-sale) and crashing a yacht club buffet in Old Saybrook, my wife and I went in to a little antique shop called Blueberry Antiques. Here we discovered a binder-full of someone's matchbook collection. The binder was designed to hold matchbooks by their corners when folded out flat (as pictured). These are my favorites, particularly for the Waldorf which advertises "A Clean Place to Eat." What more do you need?

Tomorrow I am embarking on a cross-country drive which will first bring me to Project M in Hale County, Alabama, followed by western Texas, New Mexico, Los Angeles and everything in-between. Among the projects which will arise from the trip, a photo gallery of the best outsider type is sure to come.
I would elaborate on what Project M is exactly, but it is formless and unique, defined by its participants. I have no idea what to expect and that is exciting as hell! Forward!

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