Wednesday, July 29, 2009

David Lance Goines speaking for himself.

“There's not really a beginning to things anymore than there's an ending. We are in the middle of a continuum. Time is an illusion. But, we humans create patterns. We impose order on chaos so we can get our work done. I did posters in high school for musical performances, but had no notion of becoming a graphic artist or any other kind of artist for that matter, and I stopped doing art and went off to Cal Berkeley to study Classics, but got thrown out and became a printer instead. After a while-with the means of production in my hands as Karl Marx suggested-I started doing again what I'd all along really liked doing though it had never crossed my mind that you could make a living doing what you liked. So for me it's Crafts Period all day long every day. "The Kitchen" isn't really the first poster, but it's the first poster that started out as a poster, and got printed for a client, and I was paid for. Someday there will indeed be a last poster, and somebody somewhere will do what they've been waiting to do all along with those little signs on the museum wall that say:

David Lance Goines (1945 - )

and they'll start filling in the space at the end. And it will make them very happy but I won't care.”

His writing: "I tried to imagine a new color. I knew that since I could not see a new color that I could not even imagine one, but I found this vision of the unattainable quite compelling. I had a vague sense that the new color would be toward the blue-purple end of the spectrum, perhaps somewhat opalescent. Indeed, I had the feeling that it would in some strange way resemble the shapeless cloudlike..."

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