Saturday, November 13, 2010

The General

Recently, I had the great experience of connecting with John Kealey (an old friend from college days) when I was on a business trip in Ottawa. While we've been in periodic contact for the past few years, we hadn't REALLY spent time together in a long while. John has always been a talented photographer, but hearing about how he has made his talent a reality in his life was profound.
The best surprise of all came after dinner when John brought me to The General, the photo studio and creative center he shares with his business partner, Chris. It's an old market that they have taken over, and completely overhauled and it's beautiful. The spare warmth of the elegant lighting and carefully curated series of objects gives the space a sense of wonder and great feeling of creative potential. I happen to also love the custom drawn logo, courtesy of DressCode in New York.


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Maureen Grace said...
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