Thursday, July 5, 2007

Design Excellence Compiled Week 1: 06/26 - 07/03

Occasionally, we are graced by really beautiful design. This past week we featured three relatively stark, simple designs. First, Tibor Kalman's mark for the New York fusion restaurant, China Grill. I remember turning a page in the book TIBOR, and seeing this mark for the first time -- chills. A lot of Tibor's work is that way. It's all so refreshing, simple, and honest, and completely endearing.

Then, Peter Saville's design for Kilgour French and Stanbury Ltd. When you go to their website,, I have a hunch that that is Saville himself on the opening screen. According to a photographic essay in Purple Fashion (Peter Saville's Estate by Donald Christie) he shows many pieces from Kilgour. The point is that through and through -- the connection, the design, the interests, the loyalty -- are all in line. Everything makes sense, including this beautiful logotype.

And last, I came across this great piece by Eric Gill on Wikipedia. It is from 1931. I assume it is a chapter header from The Four Gospels. Another of these headers appears in the book, Typography (Friedl, Ott, Stein). I don't know what to say. It's beautiful -- succinct and stylistically appropriate. Gill is one of the more eccentric among typographers, who happen to be a group famous for their eccentricities. Gill is responsible for the typefaces: Joanna, Perpetua, Gill Sans, and Solus. To find out a whole lot more about his typefaces and eccentricities, go to-->

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