Monday, July 30, 2007

Somewhere, time is being wasted at an ad agency

Often, I post successful design and communication because I like to see what's going right.
I have a particularly strong opinion that design and advertising that has no message is a phenomenal waste of energy.
Sometimes the vernacular of advertising can be used in excessively stupid ways. Here is an example of that.
Since we can assume that this is a spec ad, let's try to decipher what message the originators (whoever they are) were trying to communicate:
A) Smith & Wesson makes great guns.
B) Nothing is sacred anymore.
C) We're a couple of assholes. Yeah, you can close our book now.
D) Maybe this is deeply anti-gun and I'm too dumn to see it.


Biscuitrat said...

Man, that is a crappy crappy ad. I can't even imagine how that one even made it out into the public. What were they thinking?

Kosal said...

"Geez, why do companies pay millions
for ads? I can make an awesome ad in 3 minutes. I can even make one for Smith & Wesson. Let's see...the target audience- people who like guns. They're evil, angry, bad-ass people. What would that kind of person do? Probably kill a President. I bet they'll relate to that! I'm a genius."

Yael said...

This (excuse for an) ad is in such poor taste it's embarrassing to actually 'get it'. People who buy guns would definitely be put off by the insinuation of this ad.

50cent said...

Awesome ad ... i bet an iraqi designed it, I got shot 9 times n I lived ta tell.

abel said...

Is this ad saying Kennedy was shot with a Smith and Wesson rifle, and not with Lee Harvey Oswald's Carcano rifle?